Welcome to MiWire

Register your MiWire RouDem here

You will receive a welcome email shortly after you have registered your MiWire RouDem.
Find the IMEI number at the label which is placed at the bottom of your RouDem as well as on the inside and on the outside of the box/packing.

Benefits of registering your RouDem

There are many advantages to registering your MiWire RouDem
— including some you may not have even considered.

Quick & efficient help
Registering your product will actually help MiWire provide you with quicker and more efficient service and support. When you call for tech support, we will immediately know your IMEI number, warranty information and other sometimes hard-to-find data.
Software & support alerts
Another big plus to registering your product is that you will receive MiWire support alerts as we offer software updates on a regular basis. When updating MiWire software, there may be local mobile network conditions which means instructions for the user would be useful. In case of planned mobile network disruptions, the local mobile data provider may send an update to the user.
GPS tracker
By registering your MiWire RouDem, you can receive alerts in case your device is moved from your address. MiWire has an integrated GPS that can always tell where the device is located. In case of theft, we can easily help you, locate your MiWire Roudem.
Future dev.
If MiWire in the future develops new software features that require the user to do something special, we can send instructions. If MiWire, in collaboration with the local mobile network provider, develops special features or advantageous offers, we can contact and inform the user accordingly.

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